About Me

Digital Saikat | digitalsaikat.com

Hey, this is Digital Saikat, Digital Marketing Consultant & Personal Branding Practitioner.

I’m 24 years dude who loves digital marketing, social media marketing.

I started my Digital Marketing journey 3 years ago with started blogging and learning SEO from an institution. That was my first digital marketing journey.

But unfortunately, my website hacked because of some technical issues. After some time I recover my first ever website and posting amazing articles till now.

On the other hand, I learn most of the Digital Marketing skills over the internet and apply to grow my personal brand.

Also, I started my podcast called  Digital Saikat Show it’s available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Soundcloud, and more platforms.

In the digital era, I found Gary Vaynerchuk as a mentor in the digital world.

I creating daily bases informative content to my audience and 100% help them to provide my content.

Because you might be listening to content is the king but I believe valuable content is the king.

Whenever I create content any kind of image, audio, video, and text I just fully focus on unique valuable content that helpful for my audience.

On the other hand, proper content strategy is most important to grow brands using Digital Marketing.

Because without proper content strategy brand growth isn’t possible in this digital era.

If you start your brand and grow your business then at first focus on proper content strategy and post on every social media platform.

Also, I can create different content for my different social media platforms because you also Instagram and Linkedin audience is different. So based on social media platform you create valuable content.